Fiber Optic Lighting Star Kit

The fiber optic light kit offers a complete solution for the ceiling starry effect. It contains the items necessary for a starry ceiling. 

Usually, the fiber kit is composed of the fiber optic light engine, the fiber bundle, and the end fittings. Minar Illumination offers both standard packs and customized kits.

Standard Pack:

Light Engine: Low voltage items, such as LEA, LEB, LEE, and LEF series.

Fiber Bundle: FB series in the table below.

End Fittings (optional): EP-011-EP-018, EP-063, and EP-031~EP-037.

Customized Kit:

Light engine: All the light engines Minar offers.

Fiber Bundle: Mix of different diameters, lengths, and numbers as per request or the ceiling size.

End Fittings: Optional.



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