Pool Star Kit

One of the most popular applications of fiber optic light is the star floor in the swimming pool and wet area. The fiber optic light pool star light kit we offer will provide an innovative solution for pool and wet area lighting decoration. 

This kit contains the items necessary for a starry floor. The star floor kits are composed of the fiber optic light engine, the fiber bundle, and the end fittings. Usually, the kit is proposed based on the actual swimming pool size. The general information is as the following:

Light engine: Weather-proof and water-proof light engines are always recommended. In case there is a shelter for the light engine, such as the pump room, indoor light engines could also be alternatives.

Fiber Cable: Usually the sheathed fiber cables are recommended. When the active diameter is over 1.5mm, multi-string fiber cables are preferred for easier installation.

End fittings: The end fittings are a plus in the pool floor and wet area decoration. Minar offers 5 different models of aquatic end fittings. Their material is stainless steel 304. SS-316 is available at request.



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